20 February 2010
I just finished reading Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington by Paul Sperry.
This is a book that is hard to read — not because it is poorly written, but because of its shocking revelations. It will make your stomach churn with worry over the future of the United States. It will make your blood boil with anger at the incompetent, politically-correct leaders in Washington DC who are more concerned about offending Muslims than defending our nation from those who are seeking its downfall. It will freeze your blood with fear as you realized how much progress Islam has already made in taking over our country.
With the perfect 20/20 vision of hindsight, no one these days would label those who had warned of the dangers of Nazism as "Nazi-bashers" or "Naziphobic". Today, those who warn of the dangers of Islam are sounding the alarm of a real and present danger much worse than the Nazis. Of course those wanting to suppress the truth will label them as "Muslim-bashers" and "Islamophobic". Thanks to courageous people like Paul Sperry, the truth about the Muslim agenda in America is getting out. It remains to be seen whether the American leaders and people will heed the warning and do something about it in time to stop the Muslims from turning America into an Islamic state.
In this shocking book, Mr. Sperry documents in great detail how Islam has infiltrated the FBI, Congress, the White House, the prison system, the military, the Department of Homeland Security, state politics, the corporate and business world, and more. And because this book was published in 2005, this is all under the Bush and Clinton administrations. I shudder to think how much worse the infiltration is now, under a president who was raised as a Muslim. This book not only reveals what's going on, but exactly who the big players are in this national security nightmare.
Lest you think this book is 5 or 6 years out of date, just today I saw a news article directly related to information presented in it. I don't really have the space to explain it all. Get this book, read it, and then you will have the necessary background information to understand the significance of this article on
Now, let me leave you with a section from the Afterword:
As details about the hijackers rolled in after 9/11, I was most struck by how long some had lived in America before stabbing their gracious host in the back. Hani Hanjour, the pilot of the Pentagon plane, for example, had lived in Arizona on and off since 1991.
Yet he and the others were not seduced by the many charms of America, and went through with their plan anyway. America is a beautiful, fun, and vibrant place. Its people are friendly and hospitable. Why didn't any of the hijackers have second thoughts? Why didn't they say, "You know, this place isn't so bad after all. Osama can go pound sand up his nightgown; we're gonna chill here for a while"?
The short answer is that they didn't do what they did for Osama bin Laden. They did it for Allah, who according to the Qur'an promises a reward better than anything even America could offer them. That is the spell their faith has over them. We are not fighting poverty or ignorance. We are fighting a spiritual seduction we have yet to fully grasp and comprehend, hung up as we are on measuring the dreams and happiness of others against our own dreams and happiness. Pleasing their god makes them happy, even if it means killing themselves and others in his name.
But the officials in Washington leading the fight against this enemy still don't get it. They still don't understand the enemy's motivation, or at least won't talk candidly about it. A virtual taboo exists in official circles about Islam's role in terrorism. It is treated as if it comes out of the blue, as if there is no religious pattern. According to the president [Bush], we are fighting "evil-doers" and "a bunch of cold-blooded killers". To hear him and the FBI director, terrorism is generic, not Islamic. The first rule of war is know your enemy. You cannot defeat it if you do not know what motivates it.
Yet shockingly few FBI supervisors running counterterrorism cases have ever picked up a copy of the Qur'an to read it, let alone study it. "Supervisors don't study the Qur'an. They don't do any independent analysis," says former FBI special agent John Vincent. "And they're supposed to be supervising counterterrorism at headquarters? We need analysts just to interpret what Muslim leaders are telling supervisors there, because in the Muslim rhetoric, they don't mean what they say." The lack of independent analysis is reflected in federal law enforcement briefings on Islam which erroneously state that "violence is against the teachings of the Qur'an", a reflection of the false rhetoric of Muslim leaders.
"When you're fighting terrorism, you have to know how they think," adds Vincent, who investigated terrorism cases for several years in Chicago. And to do that, you have to study the sacred book of Muslim jihadists. The Qur'an is their manual of war and governs their moves. "The FBI is not a student of the enemy," he says. "They don't study it. No one takes time to do it."
Unfortunately, the enemy knows us better than we know it. The al-Qaida training manual quotes an old Muslim general: "The nation that wants to achieve victory over its enemy must know that enemy very well." The Islamic terrorists have studied our system inside and out, and they know its weaknesses and how to exploit them. They know about our open society, our civil liberties, our heavy ethnic mix, and our lax immigration enforcement all too well.
America's enemy goes beyond al-Qaida or the violent terrorists. It includes all those who advance the agenda of militant Islam. It includes the highly organized network inside this country that secretly supports violent jihad — from preachers, to fundraisers, to lobbyists, even to apologists. Instead of bombs, they use words and money, but they are no less dangerous in the overall scheme of things.
How do you fight an enemy driven by a foreign faith and language no one understands, not even your secretary of defense, commander in chief, or central intelligence director; an enemy who is adept at exploiting your religious and civil freedoms by recruiting foot soldiers and raising tax-free funds for them while inspiring and preparing them for battle in places of worship you protect as the cornerstone of your constitution; who prides itself on patience, discipline, and deception; who fight for a god, not even family or country, but a god; who welcomes death, relishes death, even beckons death in order to purchase a ticket to Paradise and a never-ending, wine-feted romp with nubile virgins in which the sex is better than anything experienced on earth and the wine does not cause hangovers?
You have heard of the perfect storm. Well, death-loving jihadists and their supporters and facilitators are the perfect enemy. America is fighting a perfect enemy, one protected by religious freedoms and racial sensitivities. And we have a less-than-perfect understanding of what motivates the enemy, and how it is aided and abetted by a religious support network that exploits American culture and tax laws and is patiently infiltrating the American system to overturn it from within.