Ending Anti-Muslim Prejudice In America
10 January 2014
Yesterday I saw an interesting article on the Atlas Shrugs Web site: Muslim Brotherhood Hamas-CAIR Wants Answers!

In it, Pamela Geller explains that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is asking a one-question survey: "If you were in charge of ending anti-Muslim prejudice in America, what are the three major tasks you would prioritize?"

Pamela shares some of her answers in her article:
  • Hmmm, how to end "islamophobia." First off, stop making it up! It's a bogus narrative about a very real threat.
  • Second, stop slaughtering people in the cause of Islam and waging terror here and abroad.
  • Third, expunge the Quran of the violent texts and teachings that command holy war (jihad).
  • Fourth, institute the golden rule under Islam (which has none). Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Fifth, stop Muslim immigration from jihad nations.
  • Outlaw jihad.
  • Vigorously enforce the Logan Act.
  • Stop slaughtering non-Muslims in Muslim countries under the sharia.
  • End gender apartheid, creed apartheid, race apartheid under Islamic law.
  • Stop imposing sharia in the secular marketplace, public school and workplace.
  • Throw off that ghastly cloth prison, the misogynistic burka.
  • And lastly, live and let live.
That's a really great list! Implement all that, and I'm sure that anti-Muslim sentiment in American would be greatly reduced or even eliminated! With these techniques, CAIR can win it's battle against Islamophobia!

The Jihad Watch Web site also has some interesting insights regarding this survey: Hamas-linked CAIR is asking how to end "Islamophobia."

Here are the three major tasks that I replied with in the survey:
  1. Stop Islamic terrorism.
  2. Eliminate Islamic supremacism.
  3. Islam accepts Jews and Christians as equals.
What about you? What are your three suggestions to end anti-Muslim sentiment in America? You can go to the survey now and give CAIR your suggestions — please do!