Prophetic Peace Dove Attack
29 January 2014

At a recent ceremony at St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis, speaking from a window of the Apostolic Palace said, in reference to political tensions in the Ukraine:
"I hope for constructive dialogue between the institutions and civil society, and that — without recourse to violent action — the spirit of peace and the search for common good may prevail in the hearts of all."
As a symbol of this "spirit of peace," the Pope had two children, one on each side of him, release two doves from the window. But then an amazing and unexpected thing happen: both of the "peace doves" were attacked by angry birds — one by a crow (or raven), and the other by a seagull, as you can see in the photos to the right.

These doves were most definitely symbols, but they turned out to be a different type of symbol than the Pope had intended. Their being attacked by the crow and seagull is an amazingly prophetic symbol of how Islam seeks to attack and destroy peace throughout the world, and especially in the land of Israel. Much of mankind wants peace and safety, but as long as the totalitarian ideology of Islam pursues world domination, peace will always be under attack.

It is very ironic indeed that a couple of months ago the Pope made this remarkable and alarming statement:
"Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence."
Really? Where exactly does the Pope have his head stuck? To make such a statement, he must either be incredibly deceived, or else an incredible liar! Take your pick! But this isn't the first distressing statement he has made — see my Brian's Bits article Sexual Sin In the Church for another example. And for a full, in-depth analysis of his "Islam is peace" statement, see the article at Jihad Watch.

There are many articles on this Web site — as well as thousands of articles on sites like Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch and Raymond Ibrahim — which document and prove the exact opposite of the Pope's untrue statement. It goes to show how much darkness and deception there is in the world when so many people, especially religious and political leaders, can believe such blatant lies. All you have to do is open your eyes and see what is going on around the globe to know without a shadow of a doubt that Islam is a violent ideology which robs humanity of peace.

Although the world's "doves" want peace, and to live and let live, peace is NEVER unilateral. BOTH sides have to want peace. But as is evident in the so-called "Israeli-Palestinian confilct," the only kind of peace the Muslims want is the peace of the grave: the total annihilation of Israel and all the Jews!

But that is not quite true — there is another type of peace which will satisfy the Muslims: Islamic domination of the entire world, and the subjugation of all mankind to Allah and Sharia. But then again, when you get down to it, that type of peace is practically the peace of death after all.

So that's the choice under Islam: either the death of the body, or else the death of the inner person in a horrific type of living death. Your Islamic future draweth nigh — peace doves beware!
But wait, there's more!
At the end of the same day that I posted this article, I came across a FoxNews article which added another interesting prophetic twist to the story. In Animal rights activists ask Pope Francis to stop releasing doves they report:
Animal rights activists are asking Pope Francis to stop the ceremonial practice of releasing doves from a Vatican window....

"Doves are typically released as a symbol of peace, but ... domesticated doves have trouble recognizing and fighting off attackers, so releasing them into the square makes them particularly vulnerable"....

"It was very disturbing to see those peace doves getting attacked," said petition creator Chris Wolverton. "Nobody saw this dove release as a symbol of peace. It was a scene of violence, which is the opposite of peace...."
And on the Tell the Pope to Stop Releasing Peace Doves! petition Web page, Mr. Wolverton writes:
Children released two peace doves from the Vatican window last Sunday, only to watch in horror as a seagull and crow attacked the birds moments later. Videos of the attack flooded the media, disturbing the world and suggesting violence, hopelessness, war, despair and anything but peace.

Domesticated doves are easy targets for other birds due to their white color and inability to recognize predators and flee. The Pope's intentions in releasing the doves were innocent, but after witnessing the gruesome aftermath he needs to end the practice.
Wow! Mr. Wolverton claims that video footage showing the attacked doves was "disturbing the world and suggesting violence, hopelessness, war, despair and anything but peace." Poor little birds!

What about all the video footage, photographs, and articles which expose Muslim violence against both Christians and non-Christians on a daily basis? There are many people in the world who are "particularly vulnerable" to Islamic aggression and violence. And it is "very disturbing to see them getting attacked," not to mention the "gruesome aftermath" of such attacks!

Islam claims to be a "religion of peace." But at each location around the world where Muslims are attacking other human beings, it is "a scene of violence, which is the opposite of peace." What Islam says — its whitewashing propaganda in the West — and what Islam does are also complete opposites! A religion of peace indeed!

But what are birds compared to people? If we can be concerned about two birds, why can't we be much more concerned about all the people who suffer and are killed on a daily basis for the sake of Islam? I'm reminded of the words of Yeshua (Jesus, Isa):
"What is the price of two birds — a penny? But not a single bird can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.... So don't be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of birds." (Matthew 10:29,31)
The words of Mr. Wolverton quoted above are infinitely more applicable to Islam than to images of those two attacked doves: "disturbing the world [with] violence, hopelessness, war, despair and anything but peace."

Maybe it's time to start a new petition, demanding that the Pope renounce his Islamic propaganda when he stated: "Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence." The victims of Islam would beg to differ with him!