Are the Muslims Right About Valentine's Day?
14 February 2014
Today on the anti-Islamic Web sites I follow, the authors are outraged about the Muslim rage against Valentine's Day. Here is a listing of their articles:
From Jihad Watch:
  • Muslim cleric who called on Muslims to "sever limbs for the sake of Allah" calls Valentine's Day "immoral"
  • Kashmir: Valentine's Day "'anti-Islamic and Muslims are not allowed to celebrate the day"
  • Uzbekistan: Muslim clerics preach against Valentine's Day at Friday prayers
  • Saudi Arabia: Religious police ban Valentine's Day
  • Indonesia: "Celebrating Valentine's Day is against Islam"; restraining order issued against celebrating it
  • Malaysian Islamic Development Department: Valentine's Day leads to "alcohol, abortion and baby-dumping"
  • "Every year when Valentine's comes around, the Muslim world erupts with ferocious rage"
  • Raymond Ibrahim: Why Muslim Aversion for Valentine's Day is Problematic
  • Muslim website: 84% see Valentine's Day as unacceptable innovation, "an aspect of imitating the West"
    From Altas Shrugs:
  • Valentineophobia: Muslim survey - 84% see Valentine's Day as unacceptable
  • Muslim students told to stay away from 'Valentine's Day' in 'moderate' Malaysia
  • Sharia in Action: Valentine's Day Ban, Red Roses Hidden from Saudi Religious Police
  • No Love: Muslim Groups Protest Valentine's Day in Indonesia
  • Islamic Clerics Condemn 'Harmful' Valentine's Day at Friday Prayers in Uzbekistan
  • Devout Muslim Students Stone Students for Celebrating Valentine's Day, Fire on Police, Set Hotel Ablaze, 3 Wounded, One Shot
  • As an anti-Islamic follower of Yeshua (Jesus, Isa), am I supposed to embrace Valentine's Day simply because Muslims oppose it? Islam opposes abortion too — am I supposed to be FOR abortion just because Muslims are against it? That kind of logic is ridiculous!

    Because I follow Yeshua — Who is the highest example of truth and goodness — my goal is to choose what is true and good. The fact that Muslims sometimes choose what is true and good is completely irrelevant. And in fact, I would cheer them on when they do make such good and wise choices!

    Despite the religious roots and religious name of Valentine's Day, in our modern culture it is not a Christian holiday at all, but rather a pagan one celebrating romantic and sexual "love." Much of our modern romance and sex are experienced and expressed in what the New Testament (NT) calls "sexual sin," rather than in a life-long heterosexual marriage relationships as the NT teaches. There is even a huge problem with sexual sin in the Church, and much confusion about Christianity and homosexuality.

    Seeing that Valentine's Day is largely a celebration of pagan sexual immorality, it seems proper and wise for followers of Yeshua to not participate in such a holiday. So I think I'm in agreement with the Muslims that Valentine's day is inappropriate for those who want to honor God and follow His commands.

    Of course, my opposition to Valentine's Day does not mean that I get violent and nasty like a large number of Muslims around the world do. No, my protest is peaceful and limited to the words on this page. I think Muslims have the right idea, but very much the wrong approach or implementation. Even though some Christian groups seem to have a "morality police" mentality of their own, that is not the way of Yeshua and the New Testament.

    TRUE love is God sending His Son Yeshua to die for us while we were still sinners (Romans 5:8). TRUE love is the fact that Father God calls us His children! (1 John 3:1) TRUE love is described in beautiful detail by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 13.

    NONE of these New Testament expressions of TRUE love have ANYTHING to do with Valentine's Day. As followers of Yeshua — joined by the Muslims in this case — let's leave this pagan holiday of sexual immorality to the pagans!