Deception and Dialog
1 July 2010
Even though deception has existed on the earth since the beginning of human history when Satan deceived Eve, according the the New Testament an increase in deception is one of the major signs of the End Times. It's been astonishing for me to see the rise of mass deception, which borders on mass insanity.
One area where this has been painfully evident is the whole debate in the United States regarding illegal immigration. It's utterly shocking how far the leadership of this nation has degenerated into meaningless doublespeak, idiotic political correctness, and twisted morality, which is in reality immorality. This cartoon really sums it up!
With all of the tragic human interest stories in the media about the illegal immigrants, everyone seems to lose sight of the fact that they are ILLEGAL. That means "against the law", and "breaking the law" — people who do illegal things are CRIMINALS. Gosh! How hard is that to understand?! The only way "illegal" doesn't mean "illegal" is if "white" suddenly means "black", "cold" suddenly means "hot", or "bad" suddenly means "good".
And now, because the government of Arizona makes a law to enforce the federal immigration laws, it is being vilified and condemned by the left-wing federal government, and its left-wing supporters, out of their mindless political correctness.
The Bible teaches that governments exist to keep the order and punish wrongdoers (Romans 13:4). If a country has laws but does not enforce them, it's the same as having no laws. And no laws means anarchy and chaos — the self-destruction of a society.
Illegal immigrants are ILLEGAL. They are not heroes, but lawbreakers, wrongdoers. The law makers are not evil — they are trying to enforce the law against the lawbreakers. It's so simple a child could understand it. But the calling of "good" as "evil" and "evil" as "good" by our leaders is a very clear sign of the anarchy, chaos and self-destruction to come.
God's words to Israel through the prophet Isaiah are eerily and frighteningly applicable to our nation in our day:
I will make boys their leaders, and toddlers their rulers. People will oppress each other — man against man, neighbor against neighbor. Young people will insult their elders, and vulgar people will sneer at the honorable. For they will stumble and fall, because they speak out against Yahweh and refuse to obey Him. They provoke Him to His face. The very look on their faces gives them away. They display their sin like the people of Sodom and don't even try to hide it. They are doomed! They have brought destruction upon themselves. Childish leaders oppress My people, and women rule over them. O My people, your leaders mislead you; they send you down the wrong road. (Isaiah 2:4,5,8,9,12)
I think that there is a direct connection between the mass deception and insanity that says that ILLEGAL immigrants have a right to live in the United States, and the mass deception and insanity that says that Arabs have a right to claim the land of Israel as their own.
It is an indisputable fact of history that the Jewish people conquered the land of Israel nearly 3,500 years ago, and have lived there continuously, to some extent or another, ever since. During that time, the land has been ruled by various world empires, but the ONLY independent nation that has ever existed there is Israel.
Less than 600 years after the majority of the Jews were exiled from the land of Israel by the Romans, the Arabs moved in and took control for the next 1,300 years. But during the past 100 years God, fulfilling His promises, has brought the Jews back to their own land once again.
The problem is that squatters have been living illegally on the Jewish land for the past 1,400 years. And because they have been living there so long, they have deceived themselves and the world that the land actually belongs to them. The Arabs claim to have a right to the land of Israel that supersedes the claim of the Jews who have immigrated to the land of Israel from Europe and all around the world during the last 100 years.
That may make a nice sentimental story that tugs at the heart-strings of those who are easily deceived, but it doesn't change the fact that it's a lie. The 3,500-year-old Jewish claim on the land is more than twice as old as the 1,400-year-old Arab claim. Period. End of discussion.
Recently, vocal Jew-haters have proclaimed that the Jews should go back to Europe from where they came. But that's not where they really came from. The Jews have lived scattered around the world as EXILES for nearly 2,000 years because they where kicked out of their own land by the Romans. And now they are finally able to return to their own land, the land of Israel in the Middle East. So, in a sense, I totally agree with these Jew-haters. The Jews SHOULD go back to where they came from. They came from the land of Israel, and THAT is where they should go back to.
And then there are those in the United States, the United Nations, Europe, and even Christian ministries, who want the Jews and the Arabs to sit down and discuss their differences and try to understand each other. If I had left my house for a long time, only to return and find squatters living there, what exactly would there be to discuss? The only thing I would have to say would be "Get out of my house and off my property immediately, or else I'm calling the police." What is there to talk about?
But the deceived "do-gooders" of the world would tell me that the squatters have lived there a long time, and that they therefore have a legal right to live there. That they have tender women and children, who would have no other place to live if they left my house. That I shouldn't be greedy by wanting the whole house to myself; I should share my house and property with these unfortunate squatters who have as much right to the place as I do. That if I kick them out, then I'm just an evil Nazi aggressor, who is oppressing and afflicting these poor innocent squatters, to whom the house and property really belong to after all. That I should sit down and talk with the squatters and try to understand them, and understand their right to live in my house. How dare I claim that I have a right to this property that I have been absent from for so long.
Isn't it obvious how ridiculous this scenario is?! This case would be thrown out of court in no time. Squatters HAVE no rights! They are occupying someone else's property ILLEGALLY! Their only obligation is to leave immediately, so that the rightful owners can have full possession of the property. Yet this is the ridiculous thing that the deceived of the world expects Israel to do with the squatter Arabs.
The only land the Jews have for their own is the land of Israel, on which they have a 3,500-year-old historical claim. The Arabs have many other surrounding Arab countries in which they could live, which have been historically Arab for thousands of years. Let's quit pretending and face the facts: the Arab claim to the land of Israel is pure anti-Semitism, plain and simple. And anyone who supports the Arab claim is in the same boat.
Illegal immigrants have NO right to the land of the United States, and the Arabs have NO right to the land of Israel. Period. End of discussion.