Defying Death
3 July 2010
Next on my list of book reviews is the biography of Zakaria Botross entitled Defying Death: Zakaria Botross - Apostle to Islam by Stuart Robinson and Peter Botross. Even though it was published as recently as 2008, this book is quite difficult to find. Because it was published in Australia, I finally found a used copy Down Under for quite a hefty price.
Rather than invent my own summary of the book, let me quote from Pat Robertson on the back cover:
"Silenced by the Church for years for rediscovering and preaching ancient truths, jailed for ministering to Muslims, 'exiled' from Egypt to Australia, establishing a phenomenal church in England, freed to unleash his life long vision at 70, words can hardly describe the amazing life of Zakaria Botross. Today millions of Muslims watch his satellite programmes and visit his website. Countless thousands across the Arabic speaking Islamic world are turning to Christ because of his ministry. His life is littered with miracles and mayhem, daring danger and defying death. Reading this book will take you where you've never been before."
This book is an inspiring read, if you can manage to get your hands on a copy. His example of speaking boldly about the errors of Islam, and helping Muslims come to Yeshua (Jesus) is an awesome example that all Christians should follow.
I can't really quote from this book, since it's a story, not a teaching. But I CAN point you to some other Web sites where you can find out more about Father Zakaria and his ministry.