Latma TV — More Hard-Hitting Satire
11 September 2013
About three years ago I shared with you some of the hard-hitting satirical videos from Latma TV. Since then they have created some more awesome videos, the best of which I am sharing below.

First of all, in order to prepare for your Islamic future, you had better learn the language of the Arab man:
There's been quite a stir lately about the Muslim persecution of Christians in Egypt, Syria, and numerous other countries. Before you know it, Christmas will be here and it will be time once again to sing Jihad Bells:
Once Christmas is over, before you know it, it will be Passover again. These Israeli soldiers have some great insights, like saying that if Moses were to bring the Plagues of Egypt in our day, he would be dragged before the International Criminal Court in The Hague and tried for war crimes. And also the inconvenient truth that Jesus (Yeshua, Isa) was Jewish, not "Palestinian."
Lastly, Latma TV explores the reality of Obama leaking sensitive information damaging to Israel and other of America's supposed allies. Over the past five years, it's happened again and again!
Well, this stuff is pretty rich, so I guess that's enough for now. But I wouldn't be surprised if there will be another dose of Latma TV in your Islamic future.