Why Islam Creates Monsters
27 September 2013
Today I came across a very interesting and unusual article, in which a Danish psychologist analyzes the root causes of Islam's tendency to create human monsters, and the psychological problems inherent in Islam. You can find it on the Jihad Watch Web site: Nicolai Sennels: Psychology: Why Islam creates monsters. Here are a few excerpts to whet your appetite:
Nobody is born a mass murderer, a rapist or a violent criminal. So what is it in the Muslim culture that influence their children in a way that make so relatively many Muslims harm other people? As a psychologist in a Danish youth prison, I had a unique chance to study the mentality of Muslims....

Muslim culture simply does not have the same degree of understanding of human development as in civilized societies, and physical pain and threats are therefore often the preferred tool to raise children.... Combined with countless repetitions of Quranic verses in Islamic schools and families, all this makes it very difficult for children to defend themselves against being indoctrinated to follow the Quran, even if it is against secular laws, logic, and the most basic understanding of compassion....

Not only does a traditional Islamic upbringing resemble classical brainwashing methods, but also, the culture it generates cultivates four psychological characteristics that further enable and increase violent behaviour. These four mental factors are anger, self-confidence, responsibility for oneself and intolerance....

The cultural and psychological cocktail of anger, low self-esteem, victim mentality, a willingness to be blindly guided by outer authorities, and an aggressive and discriminatory view toward non-Muslims, forced upon Muslims through pain, intimidation and mind-numbing repetitions of the Quran's almost countless verses promoting hate and violence against non-Muslims, is the reason why Islam creates monsters....

The problem with Islam and Muslim culture is that there are so many psychological factors pushing its followers towards a violent attitude against non-Muslims that a general violent clash is — at least from a psychological perspective — inevitable. With such strong pressure and such strong emotions within such a large group of people — all pitched against us — we are facing the perfect storm, and I see no possibilities of turning it around. For people to change, they have to want it, to be allowed to change, and to be able to change — and only a tiny minority of Muslims have such lucky conditions.
Mr. Sennels has a lot more to say, so be sure to follow the above link and read the entire article. I found this article refreshing because it is not just the typical rant against the evils of Islam, but a professional and scientific look at the problem. I hope that more articles along this line will be produced in the future.

In the meantime, many more articles by Mr. Sennels can be found on the Gates of Vienna Web site.
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