Christian Martyrs and Hateful Christians
28 September 2013
This morning I came across an article on the Jihad Watch Web site: "I am a Christian, and if you want to kill me for this, I do not object to it."

A young Syrian man named Sarkis Al-Zajim was confronted by Muslims and told that he would be forced to accept Islam. Sarkis replied, ""I am a Christian, and if you want to kill me for this, I do not object to it!" So the Muslims slaughtered him.

When I read this account, I was very encouraged! Finally, here was an article about a Christian who was walking in Yeshua's (Jesus, Isa) footsteps, and laid down his life for those who hated him because of his allegiance to Yeshua. I'm sure there are numerous other Christians who do so, but I sure don't read about them on the handful of anti-Islam Web sites which I follow on an hourly basis.

As I have been saying in other articles, he died with honor like a sheep, following in the footstep of Yeshua, the Lamb of God, rather than in dishonor, squealing like a pig. I sure hope I can die like that when my time comes. Sarkis must have arrived in Heaven in the presence of God the Father, Yeshua and the holy angels with much honor and rejoicing! One more faithful witness who will receive the martyr's crown!

But when I started to read the two comments which readers had left in response to this Jihad Watch article, my rejoicing turned to disappointment and disgust. The first comment was from a guy named Guy:
Jesus said turn the other cheek to insult but He did not intend us to capitulate to evil. We are not to lay our lives down to the worshippers of Satan.
That was bad enough, but then there was the second comment from a gal named Beth. It's too long and hateful to quote in its entirety, but here are a few excerpts:
We are not even to pray for them (who do such things)... 1 John 5:16... 1 John 3:15... Christians have been falsely taught not to fight back... not to defend themselves. This has to stop.
These two replies distort the teachings of Yeshua and the entire New Testament. I felt so offended by their misunderstandings and misrepresentations of Yeshua that I felt I MUST publicly reply. So I added the third comment to the Jihad Watch article, as follows:
I'm really proud of how this Syrian Christian followed the holy example of Yeshua (Jesus, Isa) and laid down his life for his enemies, just as Yeshua did.

Romans 5:6-10 says that while we were still enemies of God, Messiah died for us.

1 Peter 2:21 says, "For God called you to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Messiah suffered for you. He is your example, and you must follow in His steps."

Christians have been falsely taught TO fight back. This is NOT the example of Yeshua nor of any of the New Testament authors. This is NOT the example of followers of Yeshua during the first 300 years of the Church.

Those Christian who fight back are under the influence of the same evil spirit which inspires Muslim violence.

Those who consider themselves followers of Yeshua must renounce their hate, and start to love Muslims even as Yeshua loves them, and who went so far as to die for them so that they could find eternal life.

Contrary to what Guy Macher wrote above, yes, followers of Yeshua ARE called to lay our lives down even for worshipers of Satan. We are to lay our lives down for anyone who does not yet know God, so that perhaps through our death they might see who Yeshua really is and hopefully surrender to God.

In another comment above, Beth asks, "Who is my enemy?" In the end, another human being is NEVER the enemy. The enemy of mankind is Satan, who holds billions of Muslims and others under his evil control. Yeshua came and died to set them free. For Christians, Muslims are NOT enemies, but potential brothers and sisters in Yeshua.

Christians are NOT to fight back and NOT to defend themselves. This is the teaching of the New Testament. Anything less has to stop, for the sake of the bad example of Yeshua it portrays.

I've written about all of this extensively on my Web site:

This Syrian martyr died well, in a way which honors and pleases Yeshua. I hope I can follow his excellent example when my turn comes.
My experience today with hate-filled Christians really confirmed to me the importance of this Your Islamic Future Web site. As long as there are Christians who are not ready to stick out their necks for Muslims, as Sarkis so admirably did, then I have a vital job to perform by instructing Christians in the truth of what the New Testament teaches.

Sarkis Al-Zajim met his Islamic future — and passed with flying colors! Are you ready to meet yours?