Consequences of Refusing the Shahada
1 October 2013
Last week I wrote about the Shahada, the Islamic confession of faith: There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

I suggested a better Shahada, which proclaims the truth: There is no God but Yahweh, Yeshua the Messiah is the Son of Yahweh.

I don't know if the two martyrs in yesterday's article posted on the Jihad Watch Web site recited this Christian Shahada, but they did refuse to recite the Islamic Shahada — and paid for it with their lives.
On a rural road in Derna District in northeastern Libya on Wednesday (Sept. 25), a group of Muslims surrounded Waleed Saad Shaker, 25, and Nash'at Shenouda Ishaq, 27, demanded their belongings and started beating them. During the strong-arm robbery, the relatives said, the Muslims demanded that Shaker and Ishaq recite the shahada, the declaration of conversion to Islam. When the two Orthodox Coptic Christians refused, the group of Muslims tied them up and shot them.
For the full report, be sure to read Muslims murder two Christians for refusing to convert to Islam.

The Islamic future which is in the process of coming to America has fully arrived in other, less fortunate parts of the world. When our turn comes, will American Christians have the courage and the faith to follow the shining example of these two martyrs? Will we reject the demonic Islamic Shahada, even if it costs us our lives? The time to prepare for martyrdom is NOW!